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Psalm 5: Straight

I find comfort in the Psalms of David that were written in lament and distress. It’s probably because I tend to write more in my seasons of distress than I do in my times of peace. While I certainly don’t always identify with what David was writing, I do find a connection in the heart and mindset that he seems to be writing from. Stress, grief, disappointment, discouragement all seem to create introspection for me, I tend to go inside and when I do, I write as an effort to sort out and speak to what’s going on in my heart much more than what’s happening in my life. We know that Psalm 3 was written when David was being betrayed by his son Absalom. We don’t know the circumstances from which Psalm 5 was written, but it’s clear that David still or once again felt betrayed and under fire, surrounded by false accusations and unjust attacks.

He began by nearly pleading with God. Asking God to hear him, to respond to him. David appealed to God’s character, reminding Him that He is a God that…

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