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Psalm 138: Regards

Psalm 138 begins eight consecutive psalms in which we hear from David for the last time in the book. We have heard from David in his highest and lowest moments and many of them in between. We’ve read things that he wrote that challenge our faith and motivate us to know God the way he did, and we’ve read other things that make us a little uncomfortable, wondering how this “man after God’s own heart” could hope for the teeth to be kicked out of the mouths of his enemies or question the faithfulness of God. David’s life was different than mine, I’ve never nor am I going to be king, kill a giant or hopefully have to hide out in a cave and yet our hearts are not that much different. I’ve faced unexpected disappointment, hurts that seemed more than I could bear and joy that was nearly unspeakable. I’ve loved God and failed Him, and I’ve had moments when my doubts have caused me to wonder if He’d failed me. Somehow, while living completely different lives, David was speaking from my heart and

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