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Psalm 30: Sheol

Have you ever been to Sheol? Some of you are saying, “Of course not!”, while others are asking, “Where or what is Sheol?” Sheol is the English translation of a Hebrew word that is found in the Old Testament 65 times. In the King James Version, it is translated as “grave, hell or pit”. It’s basically, to quote The Moody Bible Commentary “the general Old Testament description of the place of the dead”. So, according to all these definitions, the answer to my initial question is “no”. None of us have been to Sheol, but haven’t all of us felt like we’ve been there, or at the very least, haven’t we felt like we were on our way? I have, David did, I’d dare to say that you’ve felt that way as well. 
In Psalm 30, David addresses a season of his life that almost overwhelmed him. He writes honestly and emotionally that God healed him when he cried out for help. He then wrote, “O LORD, you have brought up my soul from Sheol”. David didn’t say that God kept him from Sheol, but that God brought h…

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