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Psalm 60: Instruction

The heading of Psalm 60 has one slight difference from other headings we have seen so far in David’s Psalms. It tells us the time and events surrounding the Psalm, but then it also tells us the Psalm’s purpose. The Psalm was written from a dark place, but it was now to be used for a specific purpose, “for instruction”. This is another difficult Psalm. It’s filled with statements toward God that tend to make me uncomfortable, “You have rejected us”; “You have given us wine to drink that made us stagger”; “You do not go forth, O God, with our armies”. But it’s also filled with prayers that I often pray, one to two-word requests for action that only God can provide: restore, repair, give salvation, grant help. So, we have David saying things about God that I don’t agree with but calling out to God in the same way I do. He’s giving God blame I don’t believe He deserves but he’s still putting himself in submission, even dependence upon God. If the purpose of the Psalm is instruction, then…

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