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Psalm 77: I Will

Have you ever had the opportunity to see the moment when everything changes? As a young boy I once saw the place where the rain ended, I don’t mean that it stopped raining, but that it was raining on one side of the road, but on the other side it was dry. That sight still fascinates me, just the image of the line in which everything was different. I always knew in my head that when it was raining where I was, it wasn’t raining in other places, but I had never been able to walk back and forth between those two places. There are definitive starts and stops to everything, there are seasons that come in without warning and those that leave without saying goodbye. There is a reality that is comforting when we are in seasons we find difficult, but troubling when we get to places we would like to hold on to. The real test may be learning where to pitch our tents and where to build our houses, what parts of our lives are temporary resting places and which parts are permanent dwellings. The q…

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