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Psalm 86: Gracious

Psalm 86 contains several surprises. First, or the first time since Psalm 70, David is attributed as the author. The psalm is labeled as a lament, and David does refer to enemies that had risen against him, “ruthless men” that sought his life, but there is no sound of fear. He acknowledges himself as “poor and needy” but there was no self-pity or despair in his voice. While the psalm is labeled as a lament, its tone, its fabric is of confidence in God, that while trouble was near, God was and would always be gracious.

It is often said that “perspective is everything”, meaning that how we view things will determine not so much the outcome of our circumstances, but how we respond and who we will choose to be. I forget too often that my responses reflect my character, my actions reveal my beliefs and my words tell the truth about my heart. As I read Psalm 86, I am struck by the fact that we have a choice to make as to which lens we view life through, our difficulty or God’s goodness.


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