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Psalm 106: Craving

Have you ever opened the doors to your pantry or refrigerator, stared at the food inside and then declared, “We don’t have anything to eat”? How many times have you planned a meal and then decided it was not what you wanted so you went or ordered out? How often are we less than satisfied with what we have, not because it is less than necessary, but it is just not what we wanted? There is a word we use in these cases and it is a word that the Psalmist used as well, it is called craving. It is certainly not negative to crave, to want or even to have a desire for a particular thing, but when we allow our cravings to determine our decisions, we often end up with outcomes we had not planned for.  Psalm 106 is a partner of 105, it picks up where the last left off, but while it continues the story, it has got an entirely different tune. Psalm 105 told the story of God’s faithfulness to Israel in bringing them out of Egypt, Psalm 106 tells us the story of Israel’s unfaithfulness in the journey

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