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Psalm 127: Sleep

  Have you ever prayed for sleep? For a few reasons, our oldest son didn’t sleep through the night until he was three years old. My wife and I prayed for sleep. Not only did we pray, we fought over sleep, we complained about sleep, I’m pretty sure that we even dreamed about sleep. Our first three years of parenthood were not just sleep-deprived, they were sleep consumed; because we lacked it, we ended up completely focused on it. I think it was during those years that I first came across Psalm 127:2b, “for he gives to his beloved sleep.” I was ready for God to fulfill that promise in my life!  Sleep is one of the most interesting gifts from God. Some people love it to excess, the Bible calls them “sluggards”, but then others seem to despise it, as if the need for sleep is a weakness of some sort. There are people who have to have eight hours to function and others that seem to never tire even though they routinely only sleep four or five hours a night. In all our sleep differences, wha

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