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Psalm 94: Held

What is vengeance? The Bible tells us clearly that vengeance belongs to the LORD (Deuteronomy 32:34, Romans 12:19). It is not something that we should put our hands to or even concern our hearts or minds with, but what is it? The word itself sounds harsh, almost some sort of over-the-top revenge. I imagine an act of vengeance to be cruel, unreasonable, angry, even out of control. And yet, it belongs to the LORD and He is none of those things, so again, what is vengeance? In Hebrew, the word we translate as “vengeance” indicates “justifiably upholding or carrying out justice or righteousness against wrongdoing.” Vengeance is righting wrongs, turning tides, it is not just the exposure but the correction of injustice. This means that vengeance is not only when the wrong get punished but when the wronged get justice. Vengeance is something God does because it is a part of who God is.  The Scriptures are very clear, vengeance is not just what we ask God for, not even just what He promises t

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